Java – ambitious start. Create a real app!

Java, Maven, Jetty, Spring, SQL, Hibernate, Flyway, HTTP, Servlets, REST, CRUD, front-end, JUnit, tests, web application

Created by Mateusz Chrzonstowski
Last updated 3/2019


WARNING: all the course videos (8+ hours, which are already recorded) will be published by the end of April, 2019.

Yet another course about Java syntax and object-oriented programming? NOT EVEN A BIT! I assume you already know Java syntax, therefore I start with the most important tools for building real Java applications.

Not Swing or an another unneeded thing.

I teach what I missed at the beginning of my professional career – how to configure the app, how to plug external libraries, how to run everything.

I show Maven with Maven Central Repository, Jetty, HttpServlet, Spring and Hibernate.

I remember hard times figuring out what and where is hidden in the big codebase. I didn’t understand multitier architecture back then.

I focus on it here as well as on REST and CRUD operations. I follow best practices and point out things from the software craftmanship, like SOLID.

I also know Java is not always the case. That’s why I also show some pieces of SQL and front-end worlds.

Who this course is for:

  • Java developers who know Java basics
  • Everyone who wants their first app
  • Java developers who want to understand what’s going on on their projects


  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Basics of Java


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