10 best in-ear headphones for 2024

To really enjoy music or to listen to your favorite podcast, a comfortable headphone is a must. And if you are looking for a perfect pair of in-ear headphone for yourself, you have come to right place.

Our top 10 recommendations

1. In-ear Headphone: Xiaomi Piston 3

You can find a collection of in-ear headphones from Xiaomi , one of which is the Xiaomi Piston 3.

The Xiaomi Piston 3 has an elegant and stylish look with a flat cable that is not easily damaged even if you roll it in such a way. Together with the balance damping system technology, this product provides a clear and stunning bass.

2. Basic IE-85

Want to play games, watch movies, or listen to long duration music without feeling uncomfortable, or being bothered from outside sounds? Basic IE-85 comes as a solution worth considering. Created with silicone earplugs that are so comfortable, you can wear them for hours.

Combined with the right bass and treble effect, the quality is even more impressive. Moreover, the Basic IE-85 is equipped with a microphone so you can make voice calls easily without having to hold the cellphone.

3.Remax RM-580

These in-ear headphones are designed with a threaded or contoured cable to prevent tangles. For those of you who do not like flat cables, you can consider this product. Remax RM-580 is designed to feel comfortable during use.

This unique model also suitable for you to use for sports, such as running, cycling, or fitness. 

4.JBL In-Ear Headphones T110

JBL In-Ear Headphones T110 has a flat cable that is flexible and doesn’t get tangled easily even if you put it in your pocket.

The bass is an added value of this product that produces a sound that is clear in the user’s ear. JBL also complements these in-ear headphones with a microphone. That way, you can still talk to business associates, friends, or partners for longer without having to hold your smartphone.

5. Philips SHE8500 / 10 In Ear Headphones

Philips designed this earphone with three earplug sizes that can be adjusted according to the size of your ear hole. With the right size, the ability to reduce noise from outside is maximized. Apart from being able to isolate the sound optimally, this product also provides awesome sound definition and base performance, thanks to the neodymium magnets used.

6. Sony In-Ear Headphones MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass

Apart from JBL, there is another manufacturer that is so famous for the quality, and that is Sony. We recommend the MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass In-Ear Headphones for those of you who crave bass quality. The X-Bass technology that is used makes this product capable of producing a strong bass. Using a neodymium magnet, the bass effect is even more powerful.

7. Sennheiser Earbuds Headset CX 275s

Sennheiser provides comfortable and the boldly curved design for this this model which adds a touch of elegance. It provides noise reduction as well as different sizes ear sleeves. It also features an integrated microphone and an in-line remote control for ease.

8. Knowledge Zenith ED9

If you are a music lover and love to listen to different genres, then this is absolutely the right choice for you, which can deliver a balanced sound for any genre. The Knowledge Zenith ED9 is an innovative product that can enhance the beauty of sound of various music genres being played.

It also features the pole audio feature, that provides a high-end sound quality that you rarely find in any other product.

9.Armaggeddon Mark 5

There are several color choices ranging from bright to dark colors that you can select according to your taste. This premium class in-ear phone that offers comfort through the earplug size that fits the ear is designed for those of you who love mobile gaming and will provide you an Immense Gaming Experience.

In addition to playing games, Armaggeddon Mark 5 is also maximal in accompanying your journey to listen to music across genres.

10. Samsung Wired In Ear EO-IG935BBEGWW

The common problem with in-ear headphones is that the cables are difficult to untangle. However, if you use the Samsung Wired In Ear EO-IG935BBEGWW, that is not the case. Samsung guarantees that the cable is tangled-proof even if you keep it in a pocket or bag.

In addition to offering cables that don’t need to be straightened every time you use them, this product is also equipped with buttons to pause and control volume. 

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