Top 10 best gaming keyboard in 2024

Playing games becomes even more fun when we use a gaming keyboard . Unlike keyboards in general, the best gaming keyboards are designed specifically for gamers, so that they can be more comfortable playing games on a PC or laptop. 

Almost all gaming keyboards have very good durability, some even say that they can last decades even if they are used regularly. In addition, the best mechanical gaming keyboards also have better sensors, so they respond more quickly and accurately. Another advantage is in its attractive appearance, most of them even have lights, so they can be used in dark.

10 Best Gaming Keyboard Recommendations

1. Bloody B810R

The first gaming keyboard on this list is the Bloody B810R which has a technology called LK Optic Switch. Thanks to this innovation, it has a very fast 0.2ms key response. Moreover, it supports 100% anti-ghosting, so users can press many buttons simultaneously without fear of errors. You need to know, keyboards generally only support a maximum of three touches at a time, so with this anti-ghosting feature, you can press multiple keys simultaneously.

Bloody’s products also have good durability. In addition, this keyboard also supports RGB lights on each button which can be customized with many color choices. Besides making it cooler, this light is also useful for gamers who play games in low light conditions.

2. Sades Bladewolf Full Size RGB

Sades Bladewolf Full Size RGB is made using Alluminium Alloy metal which makes it sturdy and durable. Because of this, the keyboard is perfect for playing games for long hours. Another thing that makes it very suitable for playing games is the 19-button anti-ghosting feature, so you can press 19 buttons at the same time.

Another cool thing about this gaming keyboard made by Sades is that it supports 9 LED backlight modes. The nine modes include custom light, waving, gathering mode, breathing, flip, static, running, spreading mode, and sound sensor. The sound sensor is a unique LED mode that allows the LED to change according to the tempo of the music being played.

3. Vortex Series VX7

The mechanical keyboard is one of the best types of keyboards today. Therefore, the Vortex Series VX7 is also a mechanical type keyboard that uses Cherry MX switches that are arguably the best keyboard switches ever made.

Like the best gaming keyboards in general, this product made by Vortex also supports anti-ghosting and RGB Programmable Lighting. You can set the RGB light color on this keyboard using software. 

4. Rexus Battlefire K9D

Rexus Battlefire K9D is a gaming keyboard with a Semi Mechanical Keyboard type. Even though it is not purely mechanical, it is still good for playing everyday games, as it uses aluminum alloy which makes it durable.

Because it is made for gamers, Rexus Battlefire K9D has good performance when used for playing games. With the 19 button anti ghost, those of you who often play racing or dance games will never find it difficult. The 104 buttons are also equipped with LEDs that can change colors. The keys are even equipped with double injection keycaps, so that the letters will never fade or chip off.

5. Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Chroma

Razer’s name is very well known as a manufacturer of gaming equipment around the world. That’s because the products are known for quality, like the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Chroma. As the best-selling best-selling gaming keyboard, this mechanical keyboard has many advantages, like the beautiful colored light and high level of responsiveness.

This level of responsiveness is obtained because it is able to produce 1000HZ Ultrapolling, which makes it very fast and accurate. As for lighting colors, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Chroma supports 16.8 million colors with various modes that can be customized with the Razer Synapse application. Other features include the anti-ghosting 10 buttons, that can hold up to 60 million key presses. The keyboard weighs 1.5 kg and has a 3.5 jack and a USB port .

6.HyperX Alloy Elite Gaming Keyboard

Unlike other gaming keyboards that have attractive displays with RGB LEDs, the HyperX Alloy Elite has 6 dynamic lighting effects with a integrated 18 LED light bar. This mechanical gaming keyboard uses CherryMX switches. .

HyperX Alloy Elite already supports a 100% anti-ghosting feature that makes it easy for gamers. Moreover, with a good polling rate, which is 1000Hz, makes it even better and faster. Also, this keyboard has one USB slot, so you can plug in other devices. 

7. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum uses Cherry MX Speed ​​mechanical switches, making it very fast. It also uses the six macro buttons that makes it even more better for gaming.

It also provides 100% anti-ghosting and RGB lights that can also be customized with millions of colors, so that the display can be even more beautiful. To make it even more comfortable to play games, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum provides hand pads that can be removed and installed easily. The anodized aluminum frame keyboard is indeed suitable for professional gamers.

8. Cougar Attack X3

Like other gaming keyboards with premium quality, the Cougar Attack X3 also uses a Cherry MX switch that produces very good accuracy and speed. 

With a total of 104 buttons on the board, Cougar Attack X3 makes it even more attractive with the lights. Its Full Key Backlit feature makes all parts of the keyboard light up brightly, and will be very suitable for playing games at night. In order to make it more suitable for playing games, the manufacturer uses aluminum, thus creating a sturdy and elegant keyboard.

9. Asus ROG Claymore

Asus ROG Claymore is one of the gaming keyboards that is best not only in terms of of appearance, but also because of its features. It is mechanical and uses Cherry MX Switch, so gamers can use a keyboard that has a high level of responsiveness. This makes it a high polling rate, which is 1000HZ.

You can also do unlimited customization using the ROG Armory software. With this application, users can easily set buttons, macros, sync, and RGB. The color effects are quite diverse, you only need to adjust them using the software. Not only that, one other thing you need to know from Asus ROG Claymore is that the main body is made up of quality aluminum, so it has good durability.

10. Razer Deathstalker Ultimate

The Razer Deathstalker Ultimate is the most complete and sophisticated gaming keyboard. The Deathstalker Ultimate is equipped with a 800 × 400 resolution LCD Track-panel that functions as a secondary screen and can also be used as a multi-touch trackpad. There are 10 buttons that users can customize themselves, either as command buttons or macros.

But what makes it a gaming keyboard is not the above, but it is in its high polling rate, which is around 1000Hz. Not only that, another thing that makes it suitable for playing games is that the sound is minimal so it doesn’t disturb people. The lights on each button that can be adjusted via synapse software that makes it look even more attractive. Whoever wants to buy a unique and futuristic gaming keyboard, then Razer Deathstalker Ultimate can be the right choice.

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