Top 10 Best OTG Flash Drives (2024)

OTG Flash Drive is a portable storage device that can be used without having to connect to a computer or laptop. It allows data transfer from mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, without connecting to a computer.

Our top 10 OTG Flash drive Recommendations

1. SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Type-C Drive

Due to its type C USB, this flash drive from SanDisk has a high data transfer speed which is up to 150 MB per second. Equipped with two connectors, USB Type-C and traditional USB, allows you to transfer data between smartphones, tablets and computers faster and easier. The storage capacity of the best OTG flash from the SanDisk brand ranges from 16GB – 256 GB.

2. Kingston DataTraveler microDuo USB 3.0

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo USB 3.0 has a minimalist design. The transfer capability of this Taiwanese manufacturer’s product reaches up to 38 MB per second.

Kingston provides a range of storage capacities from 16GB – 64GB. The design of this product is unique because users only need to rotate the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port when they want to use it. This product is equipped with the DTDUO Flash Drive feature that allows users to transfer files, photos, videos, and other types only from a smartphone or tablet device.

3. Transcend JetFlash 890

Transcend JetFlash 890 is the best OTG flash drive that is equipped with USB Type-C and USB 3.1. The two connectors provided by Transcend OTG flash drive makes it easier for users to transfer data from smartphones to computers or vice versa.

This product is made from quality metal material which makes it more sturdy and durable. The transfer speed of Transcend JetFlash 890 reaches 90 MB per second. However, the storage capacity of this device is only 64 GB.

4. Toshiba TransMemory-EX ™ U382

One of the best-selling OTG flash drives from Toshiba is the Toshiba TransMemory-EX ™ U382 which has a standard design. Like other products, Toshiba also provides a choice of 2 Type-C and Type-A connectors on this device. 

The USB 3.0 on this flash drive makes it able to transfer data 5 times faster than USB OTG which uses the USB 2.0. This Toshiba flash drive has a data capacity of 32 GB.

5. Samsung Duo Plus

Samsung Duo Plus is a proof that Samsung really puts customer satisfaction above all else. This can be seen from this OTG flash drive which is safe from various kinds of dangers such as breaking or bending due to impact and pressure. This product is also equipped with waterproof, magnetic resistance and shock resistance features.

Samsung offers dual connectors, USB Type-C and USB Type-A which can be adjusted for use for data transfer purposes between smartphones or tablets or between computers to computers. This OTG flash drive is capable of reading data at speeds of up to 300 MB per second.

6. Topmore ZH + Series

Do you want to have a flash drive that is not only superior in terms of performance, but also has a cool, unique and eye-catching design? Topmore ZH + Series is the answer. This OTG flash from Topmore is a data storage device designed in rose gold color. On one side of the body of this product there is a prominent engraving that makes this product look different from other products.

Besides having an attractive design, the Topmore ZH + Series is made from zinc alloy, making it more resistant to impact and water repellent. If you want a durable and long lasting OTG flash drive then you can try this product. The Topmore ZH + Series is able to transfer data at speeds up to 90 Mbps.

7. Silicon Power Mobile

The sturdy design of Silicon Power Mobile is made of zinc alloy material, ensuring that the outer body of the device is durable. Integrated with COB (Chip On Board) technology, this OTG flashdisk is resistant to water, dust, shocks and vibrations. This Silicon Power Mobile has provided a strap hole on the top which not only makes it safer, but also gives a trendy impression when carried.

8. Team OTG USB 3.0 Flash Drive

This flash drive from TEAM is supported with a USB 3.0 which can be used to transfer data such as songs, photos, documents at very high speed.

The speed it offers has different performance on different devices. If it is used to transfer data on a smartphone or tablet, Team OTG Flash Drive USB 3.0 is provides speeds of up to 480 Mbps. While using it on a computer or laptop, this device is capable of transferring data at speeds of 85 Mbps and 20 Mbps (read and write). The storage capacity offered by the Team on this product ranges from 16 GB to 64 GB.

9. Patriot Stellar OTG Flashdisk

Patrion Flashdisk Stellar OTG is a portable storage device that can operate on devices with Android OS 4.0 and above, Windows, and Mac. This product has a slim and compact design. At first glance, there is nothing different between this OTG flash drive and conventional flash drives. But talking about performance, the Patriot Flashdisk Stellar OTG is clearly the winner.

With a data storage capacity of up to 64 GB, you will be able to store more data such as movies, videos, songs, or documents. The plug and play feature on the best OTG flash drive can also make it easier for you to watch movies on TV. 

10. Addlink T50 OTG Flash Drive

The average OTG flash drive weighs more than 5 grams. But this product, the Addlink T50 OTG Flash Drive only weighs 4 grams. Apart from being lightweight, this product also has a compact design with a metallic green color which makes it very eye-catching. 

The Addlink T50 OTG Flash Drive provides a storage capacity of 32 GB. With 2 USB type A and USB micro B connectors, you can use it for transferring and sending data from computer to smartphone, computer to computer, or smartphone to computer. However, this OTG flash drive still uses USB 2.0 which definitely has a slower speed than USB 3.0 in similar products.

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