3 Ways to View Wifi Passwords on Windows 10

A wifi connection at home or office has the main function of emitting signals so that the device you are using such as a smartphone and laptop or PC is able to connect to the internet. But did you know the benefits of wifi more than that?

Other uses are very closely related to data transfer that can be done wirelessly. Here are some of the connections that can be made, including:

  1. Transfer data from a computer to another computer. This method can be done if there are two computers connected to the same Wifi network. The desired data transfer uses DropBox because the application supports data transfer over Wifi.
  2. Transfer Photos from a Digital Camera. You can do this to your smartphone or PC using a WiFi network.
  3. Smartphones Become Remote. Through the Wifi network, you can also turn your smartphone into a remote that can be used for your laptop remotely. The trick is to use the help of the GMote application which can be obtained at the Google Play Store.
  4. Print Even to print documents, you can also use Wifi. There is now a printer that has a wireless connection so there is no need to plug in the cable from the printer to your device.
  5. Device connection to the active speaker. On the market there have been developing speakers who connect it wirelessly, using Wi-fi signals. Indeed the number is still small and still inferior to Bluetooth speakers.
  1. The Most Simple Way to View Wifi Passwords on Windows 10
  2. How to View Wifi Passwords on Windows 10 with CMD
  3. How to View Wifi Passwords on Windows 10 Using Dumpper and JumpStart

The Most Simple Way to View Wifi Passwords on Windows 10

  • The easiest way is to just look for the Wifi icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar on the Windows 10 desktop display.
  • Right-click on the wifi icon, select “Open Network and Sharing Center”
  • After entering the menu, then select the Wifi network that you want to know the password for. Click the name of the Wifi network.
  • Then a new window will appear containing the wifi status, click Wireless Properties.
  • Go to the Wireless Properties window, then click the ‘Security’ tab
  • In that tab, check the ‘Show character’ box to see the Wifi password.
  • Done, then the Wifi password will be seen.

How to View Wifi Passwords on Windows 10 with CMD

Another way to see wifi on Windows 10 is to use the CMD or Command Prompt menu. Wifi network that you have used and saved

The SSID will be able to trace the password and all information about it again. This method can also be done easily, by following the steps below

  • First, open the Command Prompt menu by means of the Windows key counterpart, then select Command Prompt, you can also type ‘cmd’ in the PC search field.
  • Right-click CMD, Run as Administrator, or ‘Run as administrator’
  • A Command Prompt window with a black background appears, enter the following command in it: netsh wlan show profiles.
  • Click Enter, a list of Wifi profiles will appear that you have used on your PC.
  • Select one of the wifi profiles, then to find out the password, enter the command again as follows: netsh wlan show profile name = “Wifi profile name” key = clear
  • Click Enter, then a lot of information will appear about the wifi profile, including one of which is the password. You can see that password in the section called Security Settings.

How to View Wifi Passwords on Windows 10 Using Dumpper and JumpStart

Breaking Wifi passwords can also be through the help of applications such as Dumpper and JumpStart, both of these applications are used together to find out Wifi passwords via a PC or laptop. Prepare some software needed, including:

  • Dumpper
  • JumpStart
  • WinpCap
  • Microsoft Net Framework (optional, if your PC or laptop has not been installed. If so, just ignore this software).

Here are the steps to see the Wifi password using Dumpper and JumpStart:

  • First, download the Dumpper and JumpStart application and install it on your computer. What is installed is JumpStart, while Dumpper can be used immediately.
  • Then open the Dumpper, run then click Scan. The application will scan the list of available Wifi around you
  • Select a Wifi network that will be broken.
  • After that switch to the WPS Tab, click Todas las recess, select the Wifi name that you want to know the password.
  • Then click the JumpStart Icon, the JumpStart application will open automatically to track the password.
  • Wait for the process, then when it’s finished the Wireless Configuration Completed notification will appear
  • Click Finish to finish.
  • You can see the Wifi password on the Key option in the WPS Tab.

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