10 Best Front Load Washing Machines (2020)

Front load washing machines may cost higher initially but it uses one-third of water, energy and detergent. So for efficiency, you can use a front opening automatic washing machine. It is designed horizontally so that clothes can be inserted through the front door, unlike the top load washing machines which sometimes makes you bend more often to pick up clothes.

How to choose a good front loading washing machine

To select the best product you must consider the following factors:

1. Washing tub capacity

The first aspect to look at is the size of the wash tub. The average person washing clothes weighing approximately 1.5 kg per person every day. If you want to get a more effective washing result, then choose a washing machine with a capacity of 1 kg larger than your total laundry.

For example, if your family consists of 1-3 people, you should choose a washing machine with a minimum capacity of 6 kg. Likewise, when your house contains 4-5 people, the ideal washing machine to use has a tube capacity of at least 8 kg.

The large size not only provides optimal washing results, the excess capacity of 1 kg from the total laundry weight is useful for washing clothes with heavy types of materials, such as sheets, sleeping blankets etc.

2. Noisy when spinning

The motors in the washing machine move producing sounds with different noise levels from one another. If you are used to washing at night, of course, it is very important to pay attention to the noise made by the machine. We recommend that you choose a noise that does not exceed 45 dB. You can read the noise level info for each machine in the product description, either on the box or by visiting the product’s official website directly.

3. Automatic wash tub cleaning feature

Every time you wash clothes, detergent and residual water may remain in the wash tub. The residue that is left behind can be hard to clean, especially if its trapped in narrow, hard to reach areas.

For this reason, it is recommended that your washing machine of choice has an automatic tube cleaning feature in it. Although you can clean the tube manually, this feature will make your work much easier. 

Our Top 10 recommendations

1. Modena Washing Machine & Dryer Tiziano WF 830

Modena equips this washing machine with a honey drum design tub. The design makes every garment that is washed not attached to the tub wall. As a result, the texture of the fabric is maintained and is avoided from excessive wrinkling.

With the SmartEnergy feature, this household electronics can save energy usage by up to 40%. If you are looking for a front loading washing machine that is energy efficient and does not damage fabric fibers, then the Modena Tiziano WF 830 is the right choice!

2. LG F8007NMCW Front Loading Washing Machine

LG is known for its inverter technology in every washing machine it produces. The LG F8007NMCW is no exception, this washing machine can adjust the motor rotation speed so that the resulting sound and vibration are not too noisy. 

Another interesting thing about this washing machine is it’s automatic water temperature changing technology. This built-in heating technology will automatically raise the water temperature so that stains on clothes are more easily removed without causing excess wrinkles. With a capacity of 7 kg, this product is suitable for use by 4 members family .

3. Samsung Front Load Washer-Dryer WD10K6410OX / TC

Samsung offers many features in this washing machine. Equipped with Quick-Wash technology, the machine can run shorter to produce clean clothes. Not only clean, due to it’s AirWash system removes unpleasant smells, microscopic allergens, harmful bacteria and microbes with blown hot air.

Samsung provides the tub with a diamond-like depressions that not only looks attractive, but also ensures a tangle free wash. 

4. Electrolux Washing Machine UltimateCare ™ EWF14113

This front loading washing machine with a capacity of up to 11 kg will be perfect for those of you who want to open a laundry business. Not only does it guarantee clean washing results, this product will not shrink the fabric because it has passed the test and obtained a Woolmark Apparel Care certificate.

Not to mention the added UltraMix technology, making every wash color not fade quickly. After washing, the Vapor Care feature reduces wrinkles and potential allergens due to detergent residue that is still attached.

5. Bosch WAP28480ID Front Opening Washing Machine

Designed with VarioDrum technology, the laundry remains soft textured, free of allergens, and are cleaner.

If you have sensitive skin, this washing machine with a capacity of 9 kg will keep you away from itchy skin problems. Due to it’s AllergyPlus technology which has received recognition from the ECAF (European Center for Allergy Research Foundation), this product is the best choice for people who are prone to allergies.

6. Hitachi Front Loading Washing Machine BD-W90XWV

Hitachi provides this washing machine with an Auto Self Clean feature that automatically cleans the tub every time you finish washing.

Another feature called the Tub Clean Program is also included in this product. This feature also ensures that the washing tub is always kept clean so you don’t have to bother cleaning the contents of the tube which is not only time-consuming, but also requires much effort.

7. Daewoo Washer Dryer Front Loader DWC-P1456

Daewo DWC-P1456 is a product you can use for washing multiple items at one time. With a tube capacity of up to 18 kg, you don’t have to wash clothes every day.

Apart from having a super large capacity, this washing machine is also equipped with a detergent dispenser that can control the use of detergents precisely. You only need to put in the detergent without having to measure it. In addition, this washing machine also applies the Air Bubble 4D feature which will create millions of air bubbles so that detergents dissolve more easily.

8. Panasonic Washer Dryer NA-D106X1

This Panasonic washing machine comes with a capacity of 10 kg with a variety of powerful washing technologies. The drying system from the Panasonic NA-D106X1 also applies the latest technology called the New ECO Drying System.

This technology works to dry clothes with a soft and perfectly dry laundry. Clothing that wrinkles easily also does not shrink. Another advantage that is also found from this machine is the drying system that uses a strong air flow at a low temperature so that clothes are easier to iron.

9. Electrolux Washing Machine UltraEco ™ EWF8005EQWA

If you or a family member wears the hijab on a daily basis, this Electrolux front loading washing machine can help you in the washing of the hijab without damaging the fabric.

It will make your clothes softer and less wrinkled after washing. The powerful stain removal technology ensure not to make the color of clothes fade.

10. Sharp Front Loading Boomerang Series ES-FL862

The capacity of the Sharp washing machine and its total capacity is 6 kg. If the laundry load is only half of the total capacity, this tool automatically turns on the EcoLogic System feature which reduces electricity usage by 50%.

With this feature, it is not only easy to wash, but it can also save energy and water. It allow comes with Easy Ironing feature which can reduce creases of the laundry.

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