Complete List of Latest Kogan Action Camera Prices 2020

Complete List of Latest Kogan Action Camera Prices 2020– In this millennial era, photography has become something that has developed quite rapidly. Many creations then appear, which are not infrequently can produce coffers of money. We will see a number of celebrities who begin to emerge, and this certainly brings many benefits to himself and the people around him. Not only selebgram, YouTuber can also provide significant influence in the current era of globalization.

Given this, the needs of the community for good photos or video quality are now increasingly sought after. And in the midst of these problems, Kogan became a solutive brand because it could provide good quality at affordable prices. Of course this is in line with the expectations of the Indonesian people who always use the principles of the economy. Small expenses to get maximum results.

For additional information, please submit the following! complete list of the latest Kogan action camera prices 2020.

Price List of the Best Kogan 2020 Action Cameras

Kogan Action Camera TypeLatest Price
Kogan Action Camera 720pRp. 200,000
Kogan 1080p Action CameraRp. 220,000
Kogan Action Camera 1080p Wi-FiIDR 330,000
Kogan 4K Ultra HD Action CameraIDR 400,000
Kogan Camera Panorama 360 4KIDR 1,199,000

1. Kogan Action Camera 720p 8 MP

The second type of Kogan that we will discuss is still quite affordable, because it is priced at Rp. 200,000. The quality of the camera offered is also interesting, with a photo resolution of 8mp, while for videos that can be produced has a resolution of 720p. A 900mAh battery is also a mainstay of this version of the Kogan Action Camera .

2. Kogan Action Camera 1080p 12 MP

Kogan Action Camera 1080p series is divided into two types, namely those that use Wi-Fi and non-WiFi. Specifically, the difference only lies in that part, while others are the same. Using a 900mAh battery, has a 2inch screen, photo quality has a resolution of up to 12mp, while for 1080p video. Resistance to water, yes, up to a depth of 30 meters.

Then how is the price? You can get a camera that has these attractive specifications at a price of Rp 250,000, – for Kogan 1080p WiFi, and only Rp 220,000, – for Kogan 1080p non-WiFi. How? Affordable enough not to meet your needs as a celebrity or YouTuber who needs to work every day. For the problem of storage capacity, you also don’t need to worry, because both cameras are equipped with a microsd capacity that can reach 64GB.

3. Kogan 4K Ultra HD 16 MP WiFi

If you have a budget of IDR 400,000, it is recommended to choose Kogan 4K Ultra HD Action Camera. With photo resolution offered up to 16MP, and 4K 30fps (interpolated) video, the best action camera in this series is the best choice to answer your needs for good picture or video results. Yes, the quality of Kogan’s shot is worthy of being propped up with some of its predecessor brands, such as Xiaomi, GoPro, Bpro, and others.

4. Kogan Camera Panorama 360 4K

Kogan released his latest camera which is named “360 PANORAMA CAMERA”. KOGAN Camera Panorama 360 is a camera with a lens that can record videos up to 360 degrees with 4K resolution that will make your video results more awesome. The luxurious design with a light weight makes this Panorama 360 camera easy to carry anywhere.

KOGAN Camera Panorama 360 degree 4k is very suitable and great to use as a Drone camera, record Street View like Google Street View, record video for Virtual Reality, and record exciting action or adventure. For the price of the 360 ​​degree 4k Panorama Camera KOGAN is Rp 1,199,000.

Conclusion of Kogan’s Best Action Camera

Now that’s a few options Kogan Action Camera that can answer your need for equipment for documentation when it is valuable. Don’t worry about a mediocre budget, because there are many other things you can also sharpen again, for example, interesting photo-taking techniques, and many other things.

If maybe you hear some bad complaints about this Kogan camera, you can think positively and learn to then take good care of your Kogan Action Camera later. A good and appropriate use according to the rules also needs to be taken into account so that the camera does not break easily.

Some alternatives in order to get maximum results, you can use a tripod when shooting video, or then re-edit your shots with the best video editing applications or images that are also widely available. So, don’t stop working, continue to develop your abilities, and make Kogan Action Camera a growth partner to always be better in the future.

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