5 Best Flash Brands, Preserved and Best Selling

The 5 Best and Most Durable Flashdisk Brands 2020 – Flashdisk is one of the most used types of portable storage to date. The flash is usually used to store and move data from one computer to another. Given the importance of the flash function, you certainly have to be careful in choosing the device.

The Best Flashdisk Brand

At present there are already many choices of good flash brand brands that are sold in the market with a variety of brands, capacities, and prices. When you want to buy one of them, it would be better if you buy a device from a trusted brand. Usually flash from a trusted brand has good quality in the ability to read data and also has a good level of durability. The following are references to some recommendations for the best and long-lasting brands of flash that can be your consideration.


SanDisk is one of the best flash brands that has launched several types of flash. Popular products from this brand are SanDisk Extreme Pro and SanDisk Extreme Go. Flashdisk made by Sandisk offers fast and solid performance. The device has a data reading speed of up to 420MB and write speeds of up to 380MB / s.

With this performance, users can move 4K videos from the flash to the laptop in under 15 seconds. SanDisk Extreme Pro has a tough and resilient design by carrying an aluminum casing. The technology carried also supports USB 3.1 and can still be used for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. For types of flashdisk with performance under Extreme Pro, you can choose SanDisk Extreme Go.


This brand of electronic devices has also become one of the best flash brand brands that has no doubt about its ability. Toshiba always brings the best minimalist sized flashdisk. Data transfer rates from Toshiba flash drives are quite fast. For Toshiba Transmemory U364 products, for example, offers data transfer speeds up to 120MB / s. These products already support USB 3.0. The flashdisk is available in a choice of capacities that can be adjusted to the needs of its users namely 32 GB, 64 GB, up to 128 GB. Even some Toshiba flash products are sold with a warranty of up to 5 years.


The next brand that provides the best flash is Kingston. Besides coming up with a cool design, flash products from Kingston also offer qualified performance. The speed of reading data from the flash is up to 350MB / s. The latest product from Kingston is a USB 3.1 Gen 1 generation flashdisk and has better power management. Kingston flashdisk offers a larger capacity than flash devices from other brands, ranging from 64 GB to 512 GB. Of course this is a large capacity for a flash.


The name Transcend is also quite well known as the best flashdisk provider. Indeed, the speed of reading data from these devices is not as fast as products from previous brands. However, the flash is known to be durable and already supports the USB 3.0 interface. The choice of memory capacity provided by Transcend is also quite diverse and reaches 128 GB.


The last brand to offer the best flash is Samsung. Samsung is known for always presenting flash drives with attractive designs with quality metal material. One of the popular flashdisk products from Samsung is the Samsung Flash Drive Fit 3.0 which is resistant in various fields. The device has been carrying NAND technology and is guaranteed for 5 years. Interestingly, this device is also resistant to water, extreme temperatures, shocks, X-rays and magnetic fields.

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