How to Live Streaming Youtube Games on Android Phones

How to Live Streaming Youtube Games on Android Phones has become one of the activities that lately has been favored by the public. Because Youtube is one of the media that can not only be used to find entertainment, but also can be a medium for creating and producing rupiah.

In addition to watching streaming via YouTube, playing games is also one of the interesting and fun activities and is widely loved by most people. The question is whether there is a way to stream videos on YouTube when playing games on Android ? The answer to the question above is there. You only need a speeding internet connection and apply a few tricks to do it.

And the following is a way to stream videos on YouTube when playing games on Android that you can try.

1. Using the Youtube Gaming Application

From the name alone you can certainly guess that this one application is specifically for you lovers of YouTube and games. The thing you need to remember before using this application is to use the lowest smartphone OS Lollipop. Then when going to use this application, try to turn off all chat notifications and calls so as not to be interrupted when doing live streaming.

1. Make sure you have installed the Youtube Gaming application . If not, you can download it through the Google Play Store.

2. If the application is already installed, open the Youtube Gaming application and then log in or log in to your YouTube channel account . Next, select the arrow with the wifi – STREAM image .

3. Select the desired video size or format. But try to use a large resolution so that when live streaming the resulting image is also clear.

4. Select Next

5. Select the type of game you want, you can play PUBG Mobile, then play.

6. To end this live streaming activity, you only need to press the circle on your face then press Stop.

2. Using the Omlet Arcade

Maybe there are still many who think that to be able to do live streaming while playing games you need a PC and various other supporting applications. But actually you don’t need to bother because only armed with a smartphone and internet connection, you can immediately start live streaming while playing games.

How to Live Streaming Youtube Games on Android Phones referred to above is by using the Omlet Arcade application. This one application has a very lightweight application size of 10MB only. And can be downloaded easily and free through the Play Store.

The steps that you need to take before starting streaming while playing the game using the Omlet Arcade application are:

  • Download the Omlet Arcade app on the Play Store
  • Install then let the scanning process take place.
  • Open the Omlet Arcade application then follow the steps to start streaming while playing the game.
  • You can adjust the video and sound quality. Then the video can be saved or shared on Facebook.

That’s the last 2 Ways to Live Streaming Youtube Games on Android Phones. Very easy and practical right? But what you need to remember before starting live streaming activities while playing games is to turn off all chat popup notifications, calls and more. Because the notification is certainly in addition to disturbing it will also damage your live streaming moment.

Also, make sure you also have a smooth internet connection or network. Because of course it will be annoying when How to Live Streaming Youtube Games on your Android phone that you use is qualified but your internet connection is slow.

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