Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs

Playing games takes up hours of time and without comfort it will certainly affect the performance and concentration of players.

How to choose a Good Gaming Chair

In order to stay comfortable playing the game, it is highly recommended for gamers to choose the best chairs. Following factors must be taken into consideration while choosing the perfect gaming chair for yourself.

1. Flexible Design

The flexibility of a chair is a very important for comfort. Choosing a comfortable gaming chair is certainly very easy. You only need to pay attention to the advantages of its features and completeness.

Gamers need to sit for a long time, so a gaming chair needs to have the best quality materials. Apart from the material aspect, you also need to pay attention to its complete features. Starting from a wide back, handrails and soft and comfortable cushions.

2. Materials used

If you have decided what kind of design you want, then now is your turn to pay attention to the details of the materials used. The suitable material will certainly make the chair more comfortable and also it will last longer. In general, the best gaming chair materials include 4 types, namely Leather, PU Leather, PVC Leather and Fabric / Fabric.

The four ingredients have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Leather is a material made of genuine leather so that it is durable even if it is used for a long time. There is also PU Leather, which is an synthetic leather material. This material is classified as the best and is widely used by gaming chair manufacturers.

Apart from Genuine Leather and PU Leather, there is also PVC Leather which is also an artificial leather. It is water, fire and stain resistant. Lastly is the fabric. This material is not very popular with gamers because even though it is soft, it is less durable.

3. Chair Size and Strength

The size and strength of the chair is another most important aspect that needs attention. In choosing the best gaming chair, of course you want a chair that you can use for a long time. Well, besides the best material, the strength of the chair is also an important part of maintaining the durability of the chair.

In general, the size of a chair and its strength is based on where the chair comes from. Pay attention to details on size and strength so that you can get the best chair that is completely safe to use.

4. Price

Gaming chair prices vary widely which of course depends on the size, model and material of the gaming chair. If you want a chair that is durable, it is obvious that the price will be higher.

We have listed our recommendations for you to choose a gaming chair that fits your financial budget but also has a design that suits you.

10 Best Gaming Chairs

1. Imperion Phoenix 301 Gaming Chair

The first gaming chair that we recommend for you is the Imperion Phoenix 301 gaming chair. This chair has the best quality and complete features like an expensive chair, but has a very affordable price.

The best material used in this chair is steel so it is more durable and strong. On the other hand, the Imperion Phoenix 301 gaming chair is also equipped with 2D armrests. Even so, you can still adjust it as needed. Finally, it’s very comfortable backrest and can be adjusted up to 180 degrees.

2. KD3999 Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a gaming chair that is cheap and affordable, then the KD3999 gaming chair can be your choice. The best gaming chairs are made originally by Indonesia with the best materials and have many color choices. There are many color choices so you can further customize your preferences.

One of the advantages of the KD3999 gaming chair is that it uses a hydraulic system. This certainly makes it easier for you as user to adjust the height as you wish. In addition, this chair is also equipped with wheel legs so that it makes you comfortable in moving places and reduces friction on the floor.

3. Fantech Gaming Chair GC-186

Fantech gaming chair GC-186 is one of the best gaming chairs which also has SNI standard. This certainly makes sure of it’s strength and durability. In addition, this chair is also made of thick leather and has other features like comfortable head and back pads.

4. E-Blue Cobra EEC307

The X-shaped bearings makes the E-Blue Cobra EEC307 chair more comfortable for gamers to use. In addition, this chair also has sufficient ventilation on the backrest for better air circulation. The back arrangement will create comfort and prevent back disease.

In addition, the E-Blue Cobra EEC307 is basically made of the best materials, namely PU Leather and nylon. PU Leather is a material that is very popular among gamers in terms of comfort.

5. Cougar Armor

Cougar Armor is a gaming chair that has a very complete color variant. You can choose according to your favorite color or adjust to the place. Besides that, regarding durability, this best gaming chair has the best strength because it is made of steel. Also this chair can withstand heavy loads.

The Cougar Armor chair is a gaming chair that is very simple yet it looks luxurious. 

6. Rexus Dark Thrones

The chair that has a very elegant appearance because of which it is not only used by gamers but also as an office chair. The design is indeed very luxurious and elegant. The material used is PVC leather with good quality.

Apart from the design aspect, the features provided are also great like the grip feature. 

7. Marvo Gaming Chair

Marvo Gaming Chair is a gaming chair made from PVC leather with a comfortable design. They provide you with two pads, namely on the neck and around the waist.

Apart from the features, the materials used is also good. PVC Leather is a synthetic material so that if there is dirt it will be easy to clean. In addition, this chair is also soft and comfortable with foam. 

8. Corsair T1 Race

If you are an expert gamer who likes to move a lot while gaming then this Corsair T1 Race chair is for you. This best gaming chair has a design that supports your movement to play games. One of the reasons why these seats are created taking inspiration from seats in race cars.

This Corsair T1 Race chair has a very strong frame because it’s made of steel. The steel material is covered with a soft and comfortable foam. The material used is the best PU Leather. This chair also has two pads on the neck and waist.

9. Secretlab Omega 2020

Secretlab Omega 2020 is the best gaming chair that uses high quality polyurethanes (PU) leather. This material has a higher strength than other materials in general. Apart from the material, this gaming chair is also equipped with a 4D handrail.

Considering the materials used are the best materials, the price offered by the Secretlab Omega 2020 gaming chair is affordable. Also it comes with has a 5 year warranty.

10. Vortex V Series

Finally, the best gaming chair recommendation for you is the Vortex V Series. This type of chair has a minimalist shape that many gamers like. In addition, this chair also has many advantages that too in relatively cheaper price.

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