Top 10 Laptop Cooling Pads 2020

Operating a laptop for long can increase the temperature inside the laptop. CPU and HDD are two important components that often increase in temperature, so it needs to be maintained. If left unchecked, this can make the life of the laptop shorter due to damage.

In this article, we will list various factors that need to be considered when choosing a cooling pad. 

How to choose a good laptop Cooling Pad

Among other features, power usage, thickness and the cooling effect provided are the most important ones. Also, the level of noise generated while the fan runs should be considered. Let’s dive deeper into these factors.

1. Thickness of the cooling pad

As a result of using a cooling pad, the position of the laptop is slightly higher on the table. This impacts the position of your hands, especially when typing. It will be uncomfortable if the cooling pad you are using is thick.

We recommend that you choose a cooling pad that is compact in size. A thin fan will provide more comfort while using the keyboard. Therefore, make sure to choose a thin cooling pad.

2. Cooling pad equipped with USB port

Cooling pads need power to rotate the fans in them. Almost all of them draws power from the laptop’s USB port. This can reduce one USB port on your laptop. While operating your laptop, if you use a mouse, plug in a flash drive, and connect other devices, it’s better to look for Cooling pads that provide additional USB ports.

By using a cooling pad with one or two USB ports, it will let you connect other USB devices to your laptop.

3. Noisy Fan

The rotation of the fan inside cooling pad causes a sound which, according to some people, can interfere with work. If you want to maintain concentration while working, then you must choose a cooling pad with minimum noise.

When choosing a cooling pad, you need to make sure the air flows properly inside the laptop. If there is only one fan, choose one with a large fan size. However, a laptop fan consists of several fans, air will easily reach the entire bottom of the laptop so it is more recommended.

Our recommendations

1. Marvo FN-30 Backlit, 17-Inch Laptop Cooling Stand

Marvo FN-30 has backlight that will allow you to work in front of the laptop in minimal lighting conditions. The color of the light emitted is based on the base color of the cooling pad, some are blue and some are red. Of course, the lights can be turned off when you don’t need them.

This product with a size of 408 x 287 x 29 mm can cool your laptop during use. The Marvo FN-30 is designed for laptops up to 17 inches in size. The design on the cooling pad vents is made to maximize the airflow into the laptop, making the laptop cool faster.

2. Coldplayer IS 909

Mickey Mouse is a famous cartoon character among children. If you want to gift your child, this cooling pad will be the best choice. Coldplayer assembles this product from polystyrene plastic and other material that doesn’t break easily and is also light weight.

Your child will not be disturbed when studying on their laptop because the sound produced from this cooling pad is less than 19 dB. Apart from being quiet, this product is also equipped with two USB ports, allowing you to plug in other devices, such as a mouse, flash disk, or external HDD.

3. Titan TTC-G4TZ

The average cooling pad is designed for a specific laptop size, although some are designed to be able to fit a laptop with the maximum size. However, Titan products comes with flexible sizes so that they can be used for various sizes of laptops. This cooling pad can be sized according to 5 different sizes, from 12 inches – 17 inches.

One side of the cooling pad can be pulled so that it adjusts with the size of the laptop you are using. In addition, thanks to its size, the Titan TTC-G4TZ is ideal for traveling, even if you put it in your bag, it’s not a problem.

4. Cooler Master Notepal U3

Cooler Master is known as a manufacturer of good quality laptop cooling pads. Of other choices, Cooler Master Notepal U3 is one that many people choose. You can adjust the fan speed according to the room temperature.

Not only does it produce a cooling effect, this cooling pad also has a large enough size, which is 420 x 320 x 65 mm, so it can be used to cool even a 19-inch laptop. Unfortunately, this cooling pad size is a little inconvenient when kept in a laptop bag.

5. Havit HV-F2056 15,6 ″ -17 ″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad – Portable USB Powered (3 Fans)

Havit has3 fans in a position that can cool the laptop efficiently when the temperature rises. Although you can lower the temperature of the laptop by replacing the internal fan or using thermal paste, it is certainly more practical if you have this external cooling pad. The three fans each have a size of 110 mm with a rotating speed of 1,100 rpm.

If calculated, the cool air blown from this fan reaches 65 CFM. You can lower the laptop temperature by 10-12 degrees. Havit HV-F2056 is equipped with a blue light which functions as an indicator to find out whether the fan is functioning or not after plugging it in. Apart from that, this fan also provides illumination when the light in your room is minimal.

6. Deepcool Multi Core X8

Deepcool Multi Core X8 has four special panels, each of which is equipped with a medium-sized fan to produce air evenly throughout the back of the laptop. Thanks to its design, the cool puff from the following cooling pad makes hot air go in four different directions.

7. Cooler Master SF-17

This cooling pad from Cooler Master is equipped with four USB 2.0 ports which you can use for various other laptop devices or even to recharge your smartphone. Apart from allowing you to plug in more devices, this cooling pad is also designed to be tilted.

For those of you who don’t want to buy a USB hub as a USB port terminal can simply buy this Cooler Master SF-17. Moreover, its features makes it more comfortable and will avoid wrist pain due to typing.

8. MicroPack CP-173B- Light Blue Cooling Pad Up to 17 Inch

This cooling pad from MicroPack comes in several color choices, one of which is light blue which is unisex. Both men and women, it is suitable to use this product. The CP-173B MicroPack can fit laptops up to 17 inches in size.

Along with stylish appearance it has optimal cooling performance due to its three fan combinations in one main panel. If you want to choose another color, this cooling pad also comes in light green, white, and purple color variants.

9. Deepcool N17

Deepcool N17 is a cooling pad that is suitable for traveling because it has light weight, which is only 465 grams. Deepcool N17 is 330 x 250 mm that can be used by 14 inch laptop users. It comes in affordable price, so people with low budget may consider this product.

10. Orico NA15-SV Full Aluminum Double Fans Cooling Pad for Laptop

If you are a Macbook user and are looking for a cooling pad that matches the color of the laptop, you can choose this product. The Orico NA15-SV is offered in an elegant silver color so that it looks matches with the silver color of the Macbook you are using.

This product is assembled from aluminum and rubber material on each leg so it doesn’t slip easily when used. Measuring 330 x 260 x 42 mm, this cooling pad can fit a 15-inch laptop, or just the right fit for your Macbook Pro. Of course, even for users of other brands of laptops may use this cooling pad.

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