How to Live Streaming Games on Facebook Android HP and iOS

How to Live Streaming Games on Facebook Android HP and iOS – Doing live streaming when playing games is very fun. That is none other than because you can share your live streaming to be seen by friends. But many people who find it difficult to find a way to live streaming when playing games using Android.

How to Live Streaming on Facebook When Playing Games

Many people who do not know how to live streaming on Facebook when playing games on Android phones . Most live streaming games can be done on a computer, but make no mistake, it turns out you can do live streaming on your Android phone. Facebook is a social media that is quite well known today and has more than 1 billion users from all over the world.

Actually, Facebook itself has provided features for live streaming. But how do you do live streaming when playing games? Sounds hard enough indeed. But that was not true. Because now with advances in technology you can do live streaming on Facebook even though you are playing games. Immediately, see the review below.

1. How to Live Streaming Games Using Screen Stream Mirroring

As for other applications that you can use to do live streaming games on Facebook, Android, Android and iOS, namely Screen Stream Mirroring. Well, for more details you can listen to the reviews below.

1. Download and install the Screen Stream Mirroring application in the Google Play Store first.

2. Then open the Screen Stream Mirroring application , first set the title and description that will be displayed when streaming on Facebook.

3. Then also set the video resolution , fps , bitrate and format encoding according to what you want.

4. Also adjust the audio source, try to select the audio source using a microphone or hansate, also set the audio bitrate.

5. Then return to the front page of the Screen Stream Mirroring application, Login or log-in to your Facebook account .

6. Next select the game that you want to make a live stream on Facebook. For example here, admins will try live streaming of the PUBG Mobile game .

7. If you have entered the game , then click the red Screen Stream Mirroring icon , and click the Green Play button again .

8. Until here, we have succeeded in doing a live streaming game on Facebook using the Screen Stream Mirroring application.

9. Now to see if you have successfully performed live streaming, you can try checking your Facebook account using another laptop or cellphone. If your Facebook profile is marked with a live streaming post when playing the PUBG Mobile game, it is a sign that you have succeeded.

2. How to Live Streaming Games Using the Omlet Arcade Application

For those of you who are looking for live streaming games on Facebook, Android, Android and iOS, it is actually very easy. You can prepare your cellphone with the Android OS first. Then download the application that you can use to share your live streaming on Facebook. The application is named Omlet Arcade.

1. First you can download the Omlet Arcade application through Google Play Store and install as usual. To be able to use this application, your cellphone doesn’t need to be rooted.

2. If it is installed properly, you can immediately register an account first if you do not have an arcade omlet account.

3. If you have already registered, you can immediately choose the game icon and the Android game that you will make as live streaming. You are a variety of the best types of Android and iOS games provided by this application.

4. If you have opened the game, you can immediately choose the live streaming menu . Here you must choose where you will share your videos. As in the title, this time we will share on Facebook.

5. Next, you can choose start stream so your Facebook friends can automatically see your live stream while playing the game.

That’s the way to live streaming games on Facebook, Android HP and iOS . Choose one method that suits your needs.

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