The Fastest and Best HP Smartphone Chipset / CPU Now

The Latest Fastest and Best HP Smartphone GPU / CPU Update 2020 Now – Using a smartphone for various needs, of course you don’t want to slow down or take a long time to access something. Then knowing the fastest smartphone processor performance will help to get more optimal smartphone usage and as needed. Especially for those of you who need fast smartphone access wherever and whenever it would be very important to consider this processor problem.

The Fastest Type of HP Smartphone CPU Processor

Processors that are widely used do have their own sequences based on their performance capabilities when applied. So when choosing a smartphone or other device, you can consider well the processor used and how it will be applied later. So the performance obtained will certainly be in accordance with the needs of its use.

Following are the newest and fastest HP Smartphone CPU Processors 2020 that are often used by gadget manufacturers today:

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

This Qualcomm manufacturer has long been known as an experienced in making the best Android chipsets with quality that the ability does not need to doubt. Currently there are many classy smartphones and tablets that use Qualcomm as chipsets with various performance options.

Mediatek Processor (MTK)

For those who need a quality processor at a more affordable price, the output of Mediatek products. The focus of its production is on chipsets with more loading, although it is considered unable to match the capabilities of Qualcomm’s chipsets but Mediatek continues to grow in its tracks. So that the current performance capabilities of the chipsets produced are also almost parallel to the capabilities of Qualcomm.

Intel Processor

Quite a lot of smartphones that choose to use this Intel processor that is capable enough to use its ability. The advantage that can be exploited from the fastest CPU smartphone Intel outputs is the ability to create thread technology that will make a dual core CPU as if it had four cores. It can be said that the processor released by Intel has medium capabilities.

Nvidia Tegra Processor

The name of the Nvidia company has indeed declined in recent years with the Tegra series. But the Tegra series released by Nvidia is indeed focused on maximizing the use of playing games. The number of cores that are effective in running heavy games is one of the advantages of this Nvidia chipset. In running a heavy game then all the core of the processor will work while in other lightweight applications there will only be one processor core that works.

Here are some types of Nvidia tegra series that you need to know:

  • Nvidia Tegra X1 has 8 64-bit cores using 4 core cortex A57 and 4 others are cortex A53. One of the advantages is the GPU with a base of Maxwell 256 core so that it will provide superior graphics processing
  • Nvidia Tegra K1 is a 32-bit based 64-bit processor whose speed of two cores is 2.5 GHz. Moreover, the Tegra K1 processor is equipped with 192 GPU cores as a kepler technology
  • Nvidia Tegra 4i uses a low power processor chip with a lower version compared to Tegra 4. Supported with 4 cores plus 1 companion core that has a speed of 2 GHz and can be applied to the tablet or smartphone optimally

Exynos Processor

Basically this Exynos is the Fastest HP Smartphone CPU released by Samsung which is indeed an exclusive use. Only a few smartphones or premium devices from Samsung will be paired with this Exynos processor. The performance of Exynos is almost the same as the ability of Qualcomm, so it is only used for certain high-end Samsung products because of its quite capable performance.

The Fastest and Best HP Smartphone GPU and Chipset 2020

GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit is a processor specifically for 3D graphics / VGA from samrtphone microprocessors. There are so many types of GPUs on the Samsung Samphone. The following are the latest best fastest GPU types 2020 based on benchmark results for smartphone smartphones.

RankGPU typeChipsetBenchmark Value
# 1A12 Bionic’s GPUApple A12 Bionic115.4
# 2Adreno 630Snapdragon 845111.2
# 3Mali-G76 MP10Kirin 980104.6
# 4Mali-G72 MP18Exynos 9810103.0
# 5A11 Bionic’s GPUApple A11 Bionic102.0
# 6Adreno 540Snapdragon 835100.7
# 7Mali-G72 MP12Kirin 97099.1
# 8Mali-G71 MP20Exynos 889596.4
# 9PowerVR 7XT GT7600 PlusApple A10 Fusion94.8
# 10Adreno 530Snapdragon 820 & 82193.8
# 11Adreno 616Snapdragon 71090.0
# 12PowerVR 7XT GT7600Apple A988.6
# 13PowerVR 7XTP-MT4Helio X3087.7
# 14Adreno 615Snapdragon 67085.6
# 15Mali-G71 MP8Kirin 96084.6
# 16Mali-T880 MP12Exynos 889081.8
# 17Adreno 512Snapdragon 66079.1
# 18Adreno 430Snapdragon 81076.2
# 19Mali-G71 MP2Exynos 7885, Exynos 7904, Helio P30 & P2374.0
# 20Mali-T760 MP8Exynos 742072.8
# 21Mali-T860 MP4Xiaomi Surge S171.6
# 22Adreno 510Snapdragon 650, 652 & 65369.9
# 23Adreno 509Snapdragon 63669.7
# 24Adreno 508Snapdragon 63069.1
# 25Adreno 420Snapdragon 80569.1

Based on the rank of Android GPU rankings in the table above it is known that the Apple A12 Bionic is the best GPU and the second best GPU rankings is Adreno 630 with Snapdragon 845 chipset.

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