Want to Buy a Used Laptop? Here’s How to Check and buy the Ultimate Laptop

Buying electronic goods must be done carefully especially if you buy used goods. If you want to buy a used laptop, you need to know how to check the laptop to make the right decision.

Laptops are quite complex electronic items, you need to check every part starting from the software and hardware. With accuracy, you will easily avoid buying goods that are in poor condition.

  1. Through the system
  2. Through Dxdiag
  3. Through Software
  4. Crystal Disk
  5. How to Check a Laptop – Screen, Keyboard, and Charger Performance

The following are some ways to check Laptop specifications through three methods, namely Via System, Via DXdiag, and through software.

Through the system

  1. Laptops or computers have built-in tools that can be used to check laptop specifications. This time a tutorial to check the specifications of the laptop operating system Windows 10.
  2. First, enter the settings menu or settings. The trick is to click the Windows logo on the start menu.
  3. Then choose settings or gear or flower icons
  4. After entering the settings, select the System Menu
  5. Scroll to the bottom, then click Options About
  6. Then your laptop’s specifications will appear consisting of the device name, processor, RAM, Windows product ID, device, and system type
  7. Done

Through Dxdiag

  • In addition to passing the system, checking laptop specifications can also be done using the RUN command with the dxdiag code
  • First of all, enter the Run command by simultaneously pressing the Windows and R logos on the keyboard
  • Then the Run pop-up will appear, enter the dxdiag keyword in the column provided.
  • Click OK, then your laptop’s full specification will appear consisting of the System, Display (also VGA), Sound, and devices connected to your laptop such as Mouse and printer.
  • Done

Through Software

  • This one method requires the help of software to see laptop specifications.
  • One software that is often used is HWiNFO.
  • First, have the HWiNFO software first, download and install it on your laptop.
  • Run the application by double-clicking it, then selecting Run
  • Then your laptop’s specifications will automatically be displayed in a window. The information displayed is very complete can be said is a combination of information between the system and through dxdiag. Some information presented includes the type of motherboard, processor brand, CPU, GPU, RAM, and others.
  • Done

How to check a laptop to find out the condition of the hard drive

To check the hard disk, there are many software that can be used. In this case, we model HD Tune and Crystak Disk software

  1. HD Tune
  2. First download the HD Tune software and install it on your laptop
  3. Once installed, run the software.
  4. Enter the HD Tune application page, then select the Health tab to view the ‘health’ condition of the hard disk.
  5. Then switch to Error Scan. Avoid checking the “Quick Scan” section to do a deeper scan error. Even if you do this, it will take longer than when checking Quick Scan.
  6. Click Scan to scan
  7. Wait until the scanning process is complete. See the results if there are red spots, then on that part your hard disk is damaged
  8. Done.

Crystal Disk

  • There is also a software called Crystal Disk to check the health of your laptop hard drive.
  • First, download and install the Crystal Disk software first.
  • Open and run the Crystal Disk application.
  • Then go to the Crystal Health page, look in the status section.
  • Your hard drive is in good health when it says “Good”. But if there is a warning “Warning”, then there is a possibility the hard disk has a problem or interference. A worse situation occurs if your harrdisk is in a “Bad” state, which means it is very bad.
  • Done

How to Check a Laptop – Screen, Keyboard and Charger Performance

Next, check the hardware performance on your laptop including the keyboard, screen and charger.

Check keyboard

  • To check whether the keyboard is still functioning or not, you need software
  • One software that is often used is the Portable Keyboard Tester
  • If you don’t have it already, first download the Portable Keyboard Tester via Google Search
  • After getting the application, you don’t need to install it, just open the Portable Keyboard Tester, then press the button on the keyboard
  • If it appears green when pressed, then the keys on the keyboard are still normal.
  • Conversely, if it appears red, then the keyboard button is problematic.
  • Done

Screen Check

Similar to the keyboard, checking the laptop screen also requires software assistance.

In this tutorial, we gave an example of software called Monitor Tester

First download the Monitor Tester software and run it on your laptop.

The Monitor Tester software will display which parts of your laptop monitor are damaged


Check laptop chargers

An important part of the laptop base is the battery charger, so you need to check whether the laptop charger can drain power properly or not

  • Try plugging the charger into a power source
  • Look at the lights on the charger and on the laptop that shows that the electric power flowing.
  • If both or one of the lights does not turn on, then the charger might fail to connect the power to the laptop.

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