4 Easy Ways to Screenshot on Windows 10

Capture the screen or screenshot is very important for you to master. Many of the benefits that you can get one of them can take important moments that occur on the screen of your gadget.

No exception on your computer monitor screen, you can easily take pictures or screenshots on your Windows 10.

There are many ways to take screenshots on the Windows 10 screen, you can use the features/applications built-in Windows 10 itself or take advantage of applications provided by third parties for free.

Do you want to know how to do a screenshot on Windows 10?

  1. Use the PrintScreen button
  2. With Snipping Tools
  3. Lighshot
  4. PicPick

As we mentioned above, by doing this you no longer need to require the installation of applications from other parties. But you need to know this method is not practical in our opinion.

Use the PrintScreen button

  • Please look for the Fn key and the PrintScreen key on your keyboard.
  • Display the screen you want to take the picture of.
  • Press the Fn and PrintScreen keys simultaneously.
  • Enter the Paint Application.
  • Then Paste on Paint by pressing Ctrl + V.
  • Please cut according to your wishes.
  • Then you can save the results of your screenshot.

With Snipping Tools

The next default Windows application that you can use to do screenshots is Snipping Tools. With this application, you are flexible in taking pictures.

How to operate Snipping Tools is quite easy.

First you open the Snipping Tools application.

Select N ew to perform Screenshot

  • Free-from Snip ) to take screenshots of the shape you want.
  • Rectangular Snip ) to take a screenshot with a square shape, you can adjust its size.
  • Window Snip ) to take a full screenshot of the size of the windows application you are opening.
  • Full-Screen Snip ) to take screenshots with the size of one full screen including the taskbar.

You can do file editing with several features before you save your screenshot.

So different from the default application that is available on your Windows 10, for screenshots with 3rd party applications you need to install the application that you will use it.

By using a 3rd party screenshot application of course you will get more features compared to the default Windows screenshot application. There are many applications that you can use for screenshots.

Here we provide application recommendations and how to screenshot your Windows 10.


This application is perfect for you to use as a tool to capture screens on your Windows 10. To use it

  • First you download lighshot .
  • Second, please install it on your computer / laptop.
  • After the installation is complete the Lighshot icon will appear in your tool bar in the corner.
  • To use, please click once on the lightshot icon
  • Then you can choose the area that you want to take.
  • To save, please click the Save icon. Before you save you can also do simple editing like giving lines, arrows giving text, etc., even you can move the screenshot area.
  • With Lightshot you can save files in JPG or PNG format


The Picpick application has complete features.

With an interface similar to Microsoft Word, Picpick offers several complete screenshot features that are easy for you to use including:

  • Full screen
  • Active Window
  • Window Control
  • Scrolling Window
  • Region
  • Fixed Region
  • FreeHand
  • Repeat Last Cpture

In addition there is an additional feature called Graphic Accessories which includes

  • Color Picker
  • Color Palette
  • Magnifier
  • Pixel Ruler
  • CrossHair
  • Protractor
  • WhiteBoard

In addition to the many features above, you can also do image editing by opening images that have been stored on your PC / laptop.

To be able to use this application you have enough

  • Download PicPick on the official website.
  • Install the intaller file that you downloaded

With the PicPick application, you can take pictures on your Windows 10 screen easily.

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