3 Ways to Clear Windows Cache (7, 8, and Windows 10)

What is cache?

A cache is a temporary collection of data that is collected for reuse by the system. The cache is useful to help PC performance, but if too much can also slow it down. Therefore, if it has accumulated you should also delete it.

The use of a PC or laptop is more frequent and from day to day it creates more and more cache. That’s because a lot of our software and activities that use a PC cause a lot of temporary data to be collected in the cache.

If it has piled up, the performance of a laptop or PC can slow down because the storage media is loaded so that it is not free anymore.

Types of Cache on Windows

Windows has a lot of cache including:

  • Windows 10 Update Cache, the cache that Windows needs to re-register updates
  • Windows Store Cache. Is the cache that you are currently downloading from the Windows Store which is a new feature in Windows 10.
  • Temp Files Cache. Caches that are generated in running various applications are collected in one system directory called Temp Files Cache. Below will be explained how to delete the Temp Files Cache in Windows
  • Thumbnail Cache. When you open a file in Explorer, a thumbnail will appear or a preview image will appear before opening or running. Now from the thumbnail preview process, many Thumbnail Caches appear that will fill the storage.
  • System Restore Cache. System Restore is a feature that allows you to restore the system to its original settings. But it also generates a large cache because it deals with settings for system recovery.
  • Web Browser Cache, the cache that is stored when you are browsing on the Internet, including downloads.
  • DNS cache, the Domain Name System is a computer network of internet traffic. This function also has a large cache.
  1. How to Clear Windows Cache Without Software (Run Feature)
  2. How to delete Windows cache with Windows Disk Cleanup
  3. How to Clear Windows Cache by Using the CCleaner Application

How to Clear Windows Cache Without Software (Run Feature)

The first way to clear the cache is without using the software. How to clear the Windows cache in question is to use the Run feature (% temp% and temp). This feature allows you to clear the cache by going to the Windows temporary folder. The Windows temporary folder itself contains temporary files including cache, cookies, history, and so on.

Following are the steps to clear cache using the Run feature:

  • Make sure you are in a state of opening your computer’s desktop.
  • Then click the Windows + R shortcut combination button to open Run. Another way to get to Run can also be done by clicking the Start button, then typing Run, after entering Run then type temp
  • After the Run window opens, then type the command % temp%, Enter
  • Then you will go to the temporary folder which is usually located at C: Windows > Temp. After that, you can clean the temporary files and folders by deleting them.
  • Done, you have cleaned the cache on your PC or laptop.

How to delete Windows cache with Windows Disk Cleanup

The second way to clear the cache requires the help of an application or software. The intended application is Windows Disk Cleanup, which is the default Windows application. Similar to the Run function, Windows Disk Cleanup also works to clean temporary files. Following are the steps that you have to do to clear the cache through Windows Disk Cleanup:

  • Make sure you are on a desktop PC or laptop screen.
  • Then, click Start in the lower-left corner
  • Then choose Program > Accessories > System Tool > Disk Cleanup
  • A window will appear to select which disk (drive) you want to clean with Windows Disk Cleanup. Choose one of the hard disk partitions on your PC or laptop.
  • After selecting the hard disk partition that you want to clean, there will be several options. Put a check mark on all these choices.
  • Click OK , and the cleaning process starts.
  • Wait for the process to clear the cache until it’s finished

How to Clear Windows Cache by Using the CCleaner Application

Finally, cleaning the cache using the help of an external application. One of the outside applications that is often used by Windows users is CCleaner. CCleaner function can also clean temporary files on your PC or laptop such as Cookies, Cache, History and others. Following are the steps to clear cache via the CCleaner application:

  • If you have not installed the CCleaner application on your PC or laptop, you must first download CC Cleaner.
  • When you have downloaded, install the application on your PC or laptop.
  • Once installed, run the CCleaner program. Then choose to Analyze.
  • CC Cleaner will scan your computer. Wait until the process is complete.
  • A scan will appear from the number of useless files. Please select Clean All.

Wait until the process is finished, then feel your computer lighter.

Similarly, several ways to clear cache or files that are not useful in Windows. May be useful.

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