5 Ways to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop Easy and Fast

Bluetooth has many uses, besides being a data transfer tool it can also be used as a tool to connect a laptop with other devices such as a mouse, keyboard, speaker, etc.

Then how do you activate Bluetooth on your laptop? Well, we would like to share information related to how to activate Bluetooth on a laptop easily.

  1. How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop Via a Bluetooth USB Dongle
  2. How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop by Installing Drivers
  3. How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop with Device Manager
  4. How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop Using the Fn Button
  5. How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop Using the System Tray

How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop Via a Bluetooth USB Dongle

What is a Bluetooth USB Dongle? A Bluetooth USB dongle is a receiver that is plugged into a laptop to receive Bluetooth signals from other devices. Using a dongle is usually done if the laptop does not have a built-in Bluetooth feature. To activate it, consider the following way:

  1. Get a USB Bluetooth Dongle device at a laptop or computer accessories shop, or buy online.
  2. Plug the Dongle adapter into your laptop. Look for a USB port that is empty and is not used to plug in another USB.
  3. It will be automatically installed and the Dongle can be used to emit Bluetooth. If not, install the driver if included at the time of purchase, or get the driver by searching for it on the internet.
  4. At this point, you have activated Bluetooth on your Laptop using Dongles. To connect with another Bluetooth device, you must pair it (pair)
  5. For example, to pair a Bluetooth mouse, first turn on Bluetooth on the mouse
  6. Then click the start menu, select the Windows logo in the lower-left corner
  7. Select settings, then click Devices
  8. Then Add Bluetooth, click Add Bluetooth or other devices
  9. On the add device, click Bluetooth
  10. Then the Bluetooth device that you want to connect to will appear, in this case, the name of the Bluetooth mouse device
  11. Click Pair
  12. Done.

How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop by Installing Drivers

Furthermore, if your laptop already supports Bluetooth, then you only need to install the driver to activate Bluetooth. Note the following steps:

  1. Usually, the driver is a CD / DVD that is obtained when you buy a laptop for the first time.
  2. Insert the CD or DVD in your laptop, then install the Bluetooth device.
  3. If you lose the CD or DVD Bluetooth driver, you can download it through the official website of your laptop brand. Then do the driver installation
  4. Or another way, you can use an application called Driver Pack. In this Driver Pack application, there are many drivers for certain features.
  5. Done.

How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop with Device Manager

If you have installed a Bluetooth driver while your laptop cannot activate Bluetooth, you might need to activate it via Device Manager. To do this, see the steps below:

  1. Open the Device Manager by pressing the Windows and X icon buttons on the keyboard. A or you can also press the Start menu, then enter the word Device Manager in the search field, then click on the results of the Device Manager search
  2. Then in the Device Manager window, click the Bluetooth menu
  3. Select the Bluetooth device, right-click, activate Bluetooth, select the enable device option
  4. Conversely, if you want to deactivate the Bluetooth feature, select disable device
  5. Done.

How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop Using the Fn Button

Another way to activate Bluetooth on a laptop is to use the Fn key combination on the keyboard. Follow the steps below:

  1. Laptops are usually equipped with Bluetooth features that already exist and do not need to be activated via the driver.
  2. Well, your job as an owner is to find out how to activate these features, the combination of the Fn key with other keys on the keyboard is usually a way to activate Bluetooth.
  3. In general, the combination of Fn is with one of the F1 to F12 keys at the top of the keyboard. This is because in every laptop brand different combinations of Fn key functions.
  4. Look between the F1 keys to F12 for Bluetooth. If there is, press the button along with Fn. For example, on your laptop, activating Bluetooth is a combination of Fn + F5.
  5. Then the Bluetooth notification will appear activated, the Bluetooth feature can be used.
  6. Done.

How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop Using the System Tray

The Bluetooth feature on a laptop can also be activated via the system tray located at the bottom menu taskbar. To activate it, note the following steps:

  1. Hover your cursor over the taskbar below when your Laptop is in the active desktop position.
  2. Check whether there is a Bluetooth icon there, if there is then right-click the icon.
  3. Then select “Add a Bluetooth Device” to add the device you want to connect
  4. Click “Show Device” to display the Bluetooth status when connected to other devices.
  5. To connect, do the pairing process between your laptop and other devices that use Bluetooth. For example to connect a Bluetooth speaker, attach your laptop, and the speaker to be able to output sound on the speaker.
  6. Similarly, to send files using Bluetooth, laptops, and devices must also be paired, such as your cell phone. After connecting, then you can send files from the laptop to the HP or vice versa.

Similarly, how to activate Bluetooth on your laptop device, may be useful.

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