1.Activate Wifi on a Laptop Through the WIFI Button

The following way is the simplest way to activate Wifi on a Laptop that is via the Wifi button that is on your Laptop. The following are the steps:

  1. Some laptops have their own buttons to turn Wifi on and off.
  2. Note the special button whether or not there is on your laptop because each brand and type of laptop is different.
  3. The Wifi button is usually located on the top keyboard or located next to the power button.
  4. To activate Wifi, you just have to press the button and so to turn it off. If Wifi is on, the lights will turn on usually blue, and when it turns off the lights will turn red or turn off.
  5. After turning on, it will automatically connect to the available Wifi network. Make arrangements in the Network and Sharing Center section.
  6. Done

2. Activate Wifi on a Laptop Through the Fn Key Combination

In addition to laptops that have a dedicated button for Wifi, another simple way to activate Wifi on a Laptop is through the Fn key combination. Check out the following steps:

  1. The Fn key is a function key available when combined with the row of F keys located above, consisting of F1 to F12.
  2. On some laptop brands, there will be a Wifi icon on one of the F1 to F12. Therefore, check on your laptop for an icon on one of the F.
  3. When you have found, then press the button along with the Fn key on the keyboard. For example, the Wifi icon is located on the F5 key, then press Fn + F5.
  4. Then there will be a notification that Wifi is active. Usually, it will be connected directly to the available WiFi network.
  5. Done.

3. Activate Wifi on a Laptop with Windows Mobility Center

Apart from the two ways above, if you don’t have a special Wifi button or the Wifi icon hint on the F button, then you can use the Windows Mobility Center. To do this, do the steps below:

Below we exemplify the use of Windows Mobility Center for Windows 7.

  1. First click the start menu, then select the Control Panel option
  2. Go to the Control Panel page, click “Adjust Commonly Used Mobility Settings”. This option is located under the “hardware and sound” option
  3. Now after that a new window will appear containing various kinds of information about Display, Sound, batteries, and others. There is also a Wireless option, then activate Wifi by pressing “Turn Wireless On”. Press until the Wifi icon has a blue flame. Click OK
  4. Back to the desktop, check the Wifi status bar in the lower right corner
  5. Done, Wifi was successfully turned on

4. Activate Wifi on a Laptop with the Windows 8 Operating System

In Windows 8, there are a few different ways to activate Wifi on a Laptop. If you are using a Windows 8 system, complete the following steps to enable Wifi:

  1. When on the desktop screen, point the cursor to the right to bring up the charms bar, then select the settings option.
  2. After entering the settings, click “Change PC Settings”, then select the “Network” option
  3. Then the Network window will appear. Make sure in the Airplane Mode tab, the toggle is off or inactive. This is because, in the airplane mode position, all connected networks will be automatically turned off. While on the Wireless device> Wifi, it is on or on. If it isn’t already on, just click the toggle until it turns blue.
  4. At this point, it means Wi-fi is activated on your laptop that uses the Windows 8 operating system.
  5. Make arrangements by selecting the Wifi network that will be used.
  6. Done.

5. Enable Wifi on a Laptop with the Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 is the latest Windows or the latest generation of operating systems that are very popularly used. If you don’t know how to activate Wifi on a Windows 10 Laptop, you need to pay attention to the steps below:

  1. Windows 10 as well as Windows 8 has its own Wifi settings that can be accessed easily.
  2. The trick, just click the network icon on the taskbar in the lower right corner.
  3. Then a small window will appear in the corner, with 3 choices of Wifi, Airplane Mode, and Mobile Hotspot.
  4. Click Wifi to activate Wifi. But first make sure you do not turn on Airplane Mode, because if there is an Airplane mode, then Wifi cannot automatically be turned on.
  5. After it is on, there will be a Wifi notification on your laptop that has been turned on.
  6. Then do the settings by selecting the network that you will use.
  7. Done.

That’s how you can enable wifi on a laptop that you can try.

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