5 ways to change the appearance of Windows to make it look attractive

Before knowing how to change the appearance of Windows, you should first know the benefits of changing the appearance of Windows, It helps you:

  • Make the appearance of your PC or laptop more different than usual so that it can make the mood of the user change so as not to experience boredom.
  • Show characters to users. By changing the appearance of Windows with certain themes that the users like, then it can show the user’s character.
  • Refreshing. One simple way to refresh is to change the appearance of your PC or laptop so that with the new look the user does not feel confronted with that appearance. This is very useful if you get bored easily.
  1. Desktop
  2. Windows Cursor
  3. Taskbar color
  4. Windows theme
  5. Display Windows 7 to Windows 10


The desktop is the main display where you put the application or software shortcut. Now on this desktop, you can change the appearance of the wallpaper or desktop background. The method is very easy.

  • Please right-click on the Desktop then select Personalize .
  • Select the Background Tab, you can choose the view provided by Windows by selecting Background or using your own photo by selecting Browse.

Windows Cursor

Changing the appearance of Windows can be started from the simplest things like changing the cursor. The appearance of a different cursor on your PC or laptop can certainly immediately make a different impression than usual.

Changing the appearance of the cursor can be done easily, by following these steps.

  • The display settings can start when you are on a PC or laptop desktop display. Right-click, then select Personalize
  • Enter the Personalize menu, then select a theme or Themes
  • After selecting the theme, you can do the customization on the parts, including the cursor (Mouse Cursor Setting)
  • Select the cursor display that you want to use. Windows provides a variety of attractive cursor displays. If you are not interested in the stock display cursor provided by Windows, then you can download it yourself on the internet.
  • After selecting, click Apply then OK to make changes to the cursor.
  • Done.

Taskbar color

Windows can also look cooler when you change the color of the taskbar along with the start menu located under the desktop. The screen of your PC or laptop feels more different when the taskbar and start menu change color as usual.

The following Cra changes the color of the start menu and taskbar, using the example in Windows 10:

  • Select Personalize, enter the Colors tab to change the color display of the taskbar and start menu.
  • Choose the color you want, you can also adjust the color by following the background on the desktop display. The trick is to check (check) in the “Automatically pick an accent color from my background” box.
  • To apply the color you selected on the taskbar and start menu, check the “Show accent color on the following surface” box
  • You can also make color adjustments to the title bar. It is located under the start column and taskbar settings,
  • If so, click Save to save the view you want.
  • Click OK.

Windows theme

The third way to change the appearance of windows can also be done by changing the theme on Windows that you use. Windows provides several themes that you can choose from, or if you are not satisfied, you can download the theme you want on the internet.

Here’s how to change the theme in Windows:

  • Downloading themes other than on the internet freely can also be done on the official Microsoft site. Or on Windows 10, you can visit the Microsoft Store to find the theme you want.
  • If you use Windows 10, you can already apply the theme you just downloaded by clicking Apply.
  • While on Windows 7, the theme settings are a bit different. The trick is to right-click on the desktop, then select personalization.
  • In the personalization window, you can choose a theme provided by Windows. You can also mix and match themes with a number of other settings such as Screen Saver, Wallpaper, and notification sounds.
  • If so, click Save to save. Select OK

Display Windows 7 to Windows 10

In addition to the three ways above, and also can manipulate Windows that you use with a change in appearance. For example, by changing the appearance of Windows 7 is like the look of Windows 10 without upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10. Ways like needing the help of Windows Transformation Pack or Windows 10 Skin Pack:

Here are the steps that can be done:

  • First of all your PC must meet the following specifications to apply the Windows Skin Pack, which is a processor of at least 1 GHz or higher, a minimum 512 RAM Memory, and Microsoft .NET 4.5
  • After fulfilling the specifications, Download Windows 10 Skinpack.
  • Once downloaded, extract the skin, then install it by double-clicking on the program.
  • Wait for the install to finish, and the appearance of your Windows 7 will change to the appearance of Windows 10.
  • The Results Like Following:

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